Progesa was founded in 1987 to offer a full service design and manufacturing for the industry. From the beginning we decided to use the best design tools assisted (CAD) . We have gained considerable experience on specialized and still at least widespread products in the industrial area of Brescia.
With the benefit of experience and preparation of its technical Progesa became Competence Center and trader of Euclid (then MatraDatavision) and Catia (Dassault Systemes). The mechanical vocation has always been prevalent. In the first period of activity Progesa has signed collaboration agreements with selected partners in the area and over the past years Progesa has its own equipment.

1987-2013: 26 years of operation

Progesa employs 15 technicians and engineers for the design, planning, management and control of the manufacturing process. Since 1989 Progesa is Avio supplier of CAD models and drawings of LP Turbine and Gear-box, supplier for the design and manufacture of equipment Rigs TEST (LPT Flow Cold GE 90, LPT Cold Flow Antle, GE Cascade 90 Cascade Flutter), supplier also working on components of LP turbine and gear box links

Born from the desire and ability by the engineer. Enrico Feraboli, Progesa work today in the design and manufacture of turbines and provides advice and training for the computer aided design
Progesa srl holds the following certifications: ISO 9100, ISO 9001

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